Open house

 Pete Turner

City of birth: Ashton-under-Lyne / Tameside
City: Duisburg/Germany , at the moment !

Favourite leisure activity:
Meeting friendly people, this,the" beast without boundaries", sightseeing

walking, swimming
Favourite TV-Show:
NOT David Letterman

Favourite books:
World without end :- Ken Follett (they're all good )

Favourite music:
Any, as long as it pleases the ears, and soothes the soul.

Favourite drink:

Favourite meal:
one that somebody else has paid for, or cooked.

Favourite country for traveling:
Germany,Italy,Cyprus,Holland,Scotland and sometimes England

Favourite quotes:
" don't work, be happy

- My Tea Mug -


" keep on looking on the bright side of life"

- Monty Python -